What is Oleoresin?

Oleoresin is a spice extract, obtained by solvent extraction of the spice. The extracted active ingredients are standardised to give a typical flavour, colour and aroma of that particular spice. It is widely used in food products including processed meat, sauces and snacks.

How Oleoresin is made?

Explore the science and advanced technology behind the production of oleoresin that gives a standardized and consistent quality.

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Akay Oleoresin

Markaids places high importance for the best and quality ingredients thus, we partner up with Akay to bring a wide range of Oleoresins. Akay is one of the leading exporters of spices across the world, producing and delivering the finest quality spices.

They produce a wide range of oleoresins, which are available in various specifications, both oil and water-soluble.

6 Reasons why you should start using Oleoresin

  1. Quality Consistency

    It helps to give a standardized quality, uniform flavour and pungency on every batch of your end products

  2. More heat stable compared to raw spices

    Compared to raw spices, oleoresins are more heat stable thus, ensuring minimal flavour or colour loss when it undergoes higher temperature.

  3. Ease of storage and transport

    Reduces bulk handling and storage space as it is in concentrated form

  4. Cost-effective

    Oleoresin is used in small dosage since it is highly concentrated therefore, it is more cost-effective as compared to raw spices.

  5. Longer shelf life

    Minimizes microbial count compared to raw spices, minimal oxidative degradation or loss of flavour.

  6. Wide spice profile selection

    Akay produces a wide selection of spice extract profile, available in both liquid and encapsulated powder form. 

Akay Oleoresins

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