Savoury, Culinary and Snacks

Savoury is defined by something that is full of flavour, delicious and tasty. This flavour heavily relies on both spicy and salty, rather than sweet. The savoury flavour is also responsible for the widely known and appreciated umami taste, which is tasted through taste receptors in the tongue that respond to glutamate. It is dominant in foods like meat broths, cheeses, mushrooms, meat extract, yeast extract and soy sauce. The culinary and snack industry consists of a large amount of savoury food which is enjoyed globally. During the manufacturing process of savoury food, flavouring systems are of vital importance as a huge portion of food manufactured consists of the typical umami and savoury flavour that appeals to consumers.

How Specialty Food Ingredients are used in the Savoury, Culinary & Snacks segment?

Markaids is a specialist in catering solutions for culinary sauces, dressings and snacks. Our specialty food ingredients are highly functional and allow us to offer quick and effective solutions to meet customer and market requirements. For every solution we offer, whether its for oil separation and starch breakdown issues in sauces or porosity and breakage problems in snacks, we will take into account the costs and quality of the final products.

Your Challenges, Our Priority

Markaids put high priority to work with food manufacturers in Malaysia to provide the most effective solutions. We are ready to support our customers not just with technical ingredients, but with all the necessary technical knowledge and consultations including lab-scale trial and prototype.

Our Specialty Ingredients

Texturizing Agents

Improves overall texture and appearance of your product with the right thickness, viscosity and mouthfeel.

Our Products

  • ZIBOXAN® Xanthan Gum
  • BLANOSE™ Cellulose Gum (CMC)
  • BONDWELL™ Cellulose Gum (CMC)
  • Modified Tapioca Starch
  • Modified Corn Starch
  • VIVAPUR® Colloidal MCC
  • VIVAPUR® Methylcellulose
  • VITACEL® Compounds (for heat & shape stability)
  • TEX-AID™ Compounds (for improved yield & juiciness)
  • FIRM-AID™ Compounds (for improved firmness)
  • VITACEL® Oat Fiber
  • VITACEL® Wheat Fiber
  • VITACEL® Plant Fiber (Cellulose)
  • Soy Fiber Protein
  • ISOPRO™ Soy Protein Isolate
  • Soy Protein Concentrate


Reduce sugar and sodium in your product to keep up with the market demands for healthier choice while maintaining the desired taste. Complete your product with irresistible flavour with our range of oleoresins and complete seasonings.

Our Products

  • Season-aid™ Seasonings
  • TenderMax™ Marinades
  • SPRINGER® Yeast Extracts
  • SPRINGAROM® Process/Reaction Flavours
  • SPRINGALYS® Autolysed Dried Yeast
  • FLAVOBOOST™ Clean-Label MSG/I+G replacer
  • AOXING® Reb-A & Stevia Extracts
  • JK SWEET® Sucralose
  • Paprika
  • Capsicum (Colour & Decolourised)
  • Black Pepper
  • Turmeric (Curcumin)
  • Garlic & Roasted Garlic
  • Onion & Roasted Onion
  • Thai Lime
  • Tom Yum
  • etc


Color loss are commonly faced during processing and storage causing the products to be dull and less appealing to consumer. Restore the color loss with your desired color while ensuring uniformed color in every batch.

Our Products

  • Natural colours
  • Blenocol™ Blended colours


Add value to your products with nutritional enrichment such as minerals, fibers or proteins.

Our Products

  • ISOPRO™ Soy Protein Isolate
  • CARTINO Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen
  • VITACEL® Oat Fiber
  • VITACEL® Wheat Fiber
  • VITACEL® Apple Fiber
  • VITACEL® Plant Fiber (Cellulose)
  • STA-LITE® Polydextrose
  • FIBREGUM™ Gum Arabic

Our Products

  • Rosemary Extract (Natural Antioxidant)
  • Sodium Erythorbate (JAKIM-halal certified)
  • CAFOS® Calcium Phosphates
  • VITACEL® Wheat Fiber

Our Businesses

Speciality Ingredients

Speciality Ingredients

Markaids provide speciality ingredients to food and beverage manufacturers in Malaysia. Our main focus and mission is to overcome challenges affecting their product performances. To do this, we work closely with food and beverage manufacturers to find the best solution, starting from finding the root cause of the problem. Therefore, every ingredient we offer functions as a technical solution.

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Custom Food Solutions

Custom Food Solutions

Markaids HQ in Petaling Jaya is fully equipped with food ingredients manufacturing capabilities. By having our own dry and liquid manufacturing facilities, it allows us to support our customers by providing custom food solutions. Markaids currently produces a number of functional food ingredients for processed meat, surimi, bakery and vegetarian food application.

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